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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Favourites - Sort of!

May was a light month for me as far as trying new things or favouring new things.  I was gathering things to feature for this post and realized 3 of my May favourites are lip glosses from Coastal Scents and the other favourite is my BeautyBlender sponge.  I decided that the BeautyBlender sponge deserves it's own review and perhaps I'll do a little tutorial with it as well in another post.  I decided to focus on the 3 lip glosses that I absolutely love!

I ordered a number of things from Coastal Scents back in April and I have found that I have been using the lip glosses I ordered the most out of everything I bought.  They are highly pigmented and the colours are fantastic!  They are called Smacks!

The formula is really nice.  They are not sticky like some glosses and they wear off well.  When I say wear off well I mean they fade evenly.  Some glosses I own wear off and leave lips patchy with colour.  These glosses wear off nicely and leave my lips soft.  Like all glosses they will need reapplying throughout the day.

Here are my favourite colours and swatches of them!

#1 Sheer Crimson- This looks quite dark on the swatch, but on my lips it's beautiful.  It is about 2 shades darker than my lip colour.

#2 Coral Funk-  This is the perfect Summer Coral! I love it!

#3 Flippin Hot-  This is a very wearable, very hot pink.  This is the only hot pink gloss I have found that I like. 


Lipstick Diva said...

You know, as long as I've been buying makeup and as many brands as I've tried, I've never checked out Coastal Scents. You've given me a reason to head over there...all three of your choices are lovely, and the swatches look very pigmented...a must for my sad, pale lips!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Sarah Stilettos said...

I hope you like them as much as I do!
Thanks for checking out my Blog.