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Thursday, December 1, 2011

BEWARE Loss of Hair!

It has been so long since I've posted on my blog. The reason is I have been in mourning. I have lost a bunch of my hair!!! It all started in March of 2011. I started using a product I later raved about and now will warn you about.
I started using John Freida's Go Blonder gradual lightening spray in March. I used it 2-3 times per week on my roots mainly around my face. It worked! I didn't have to touch up my roots at all for 5 months! I was so excited that I posted a glowing review on my blog and told countless people how they too could save a bundle on hair colouring. In August it was time for colour. The spray did a good job of blending my roots and bought me a lot of time between salon visits, but it was time to freshen up my colour. I got my hair coloured the same way I have for many years (same product, same technique, same stylist). After the colour was washed out the damage was immediately noticeable. About 2 inches from the roots all around my face, my hair was completely fried. When combing it wet those areas sprung right up into a frizzy disaster. It felt spongey and gross. One I dried my hair it was dry and frizzy. Over the next few weeks my hair broke off and I was left with WAY too short bangs and frazzled ends :-(. I have been wearing my lulu lemon headband everyday for months to hide the mess. Now the shorter hair is too long to hide in the headband, but still too short to wear as bangs, so I'm in such an awkward stage. I have been dealing with this mess for months and hope this post will prevent any if you from having to go through it. I did look online after this happened to me and found a handful of other cases like mine.
I have been doing everything imaginable to try to condition and fix my mess of a mane, which has introduced me to some great new products and other hair stuff I am excited to share! I will have a few hair posts to put up soon!
In the meantime, stay far far away from the John Freida Blonding spray!!!
Be well.
Sarah xo