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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi-Tech Makeup

Before I buy beauty products I usually like to check my favourite review site to see how others rate it and view their comments.  I try really hard not to buy based on packaging or fall prey to catchy phrases like "Inspired by..." or "Clinically proven" or "Reduces the appearance...".  I rely heavily on my favourite site to research before I spend my hard earned money (or my Hubby's for that matter ;p). My favourite site is....drum roll...... MakeupAlley!  If you haven't yet, check it out.  You can find just about every beauty product here most with pictures, reviews, reviewer's comments and ratings.  You can also swap on this site and keep a list of favourite products or products you want on your wishlist!  I think I use this website 10-20 times per week!

Another hi-tech makeup favourite of mine is the  Modiface Make App for iPhone.  This app is a great way to test out different looks on your own face!  You use a picture of yourself (or a model photo) and choose various shadow, blush and lip colours!  It is very well done and the computer generated makeup application is very precise and realistic.

I hope you enjoy these hi-tech makeup tools as much as I do!
xo Sarah Stilettos

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