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Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Favourites!

I found some really great products last month and I'm excited to share my new favs!  Please excuse my nail polish in some of the photos, I just put it on last night and it is definitely not a favourite.  I think this polish will end up in my daughter's collection!

Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel

I have been using this every day in April and it is definitely a favourite.  I have already repurchased this even though I am not yet out of my first jar.  I do not want to go one day without.  For me, this is a dupe of Mac's Oil Control Lotion.  It feels the same on my skin and the results are the same.  The difference is in price, the Garnier Gel is only $8 at Walmart. YAY!

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting Moisturizer

So I know I just mentioned a moisturizer that I use everyday and this is a moisturizer too, but this is a completely different product for me.  I use the Garnier moisturizer every day and night with the exception of the days that I do not wear foundation.  Although the VitaZing it not marketed as a tinted moisturizer, it is.  It looks like a white lotion with tiny brownish flecks in it.  Those flecks are pigment particles and when you rub this all over your face it blends the pigment particles and creates a light coverage and beautiful glow.  I use this when I do not use my foundation and for a girl that usually never leaves the house without foundation this is pretty amazing.  I have never found a tinted moisturizer that gives me coverage I am confident with until now!  This is a HG tinted moisturizer for me! I got this back in March and in April it quickly became a favourite.  I have a friend that this product would be perfect for and I can't wait for her to try it!(LCM)  Vitazing is pricey and a little tricky to find for Canadians.  Some Bay stores in Toronto and Ottawa carry it and you can order it directly from  I actually did some cross border shopping and got mine at Macy's for $35USD.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

I just love these pencils! You can wear them on their own as an eyeshadow or liner or you can use them as an eyeshadow base.  I use them as a base.  I love the way they add vibrancy to your shadows!  I use them all over my lid then apply a shadow and boy oh boy, the colour pops! Depending on the colour of pencil I use you can change the undertones of any of your eyeshadows and you instantly have a whole new set of colours!  These pencils are so creamy and really give your shadows something to stick to!  They don't crease for me and they make my shadow last so long!  At $4.49 each, you can't go wrong.  I've always said, "You can never have to many NYX jumbo eye pencils in Milk" as it was my favourite colour (white) but lately I have been using so many different colours.  For the month of April I seem to have favoured my "Cottage Cheese" pencil.  It is a shimmery white.

Big Sexy Hair Hairspray

There is "Spray and Play" and "Spray and Play Harder".  I have been using the "Spray and Play Harder".  This is my absolute favourite hairspray.  I only tend to use hairspray when I wear my hair curly/wavy.  This hairspray is perfect for that! It holds my curls all day and yet it is flexible! I can't stand hairsprays that don't offer movement, and with a flowing curly look, that is so important!  I've purchased this in the drugstore in the past, but last month I spotted it at Winners for only $12.99! It's a huge can and lasts forever!

This favourites post was so easy! I had so many great products to rave about for April.  I probably could have picked a couple more, but I will see if I am still as excited about them over the next month and maybe include them in my next favourites post!

Let me know your favourites!

Sarah Stilettos xx

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