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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please Tweeze!!!

This is my plea to get all women to pay closer attention to their eyebrows (or less attention in some cases!!).  There are those "over tweezers" or the "brow pencil worshipers" and sadly there are women that don't do a thing to their brows! Please, please, please if you are the later, tweeze and trim please!  Cleaning up your eyebrows can add dimension to your face, make your eyes look more open and increase your lid space!
I go to get mine threaded every 6 months or so and then maintain in between by tweezing and trimming.  You can go to a salon or do it all yourself, either way something is most often better than nothing.
Here are some tips to brow shaping;

1.  Use a baby teething gel to numb the skin before you tweeze.  This is helpful if you are very sensitive to tweezing and/or if your going in for a major overhaul!

2.  DO NOT use a magnifying mirror!  This is probably opposite to what you would have assumed.  Using a magnifying mirror increases the chance you will over tweeze.  If you need 10x magnification to see the hair, then it's not noticeable.

3.  Using the picture below as a guide, use a makeup brush, rat-tail comb or a pencil to determine where to start, arch and finish your brows.  Rest your pencil beside your nose vertically up to your brow, that is where your brows should start.  Tweeze between the eyes between those points to avoid the dreaded "uni-brow"!
Next, from the same position tilt the pencil so that it runs through your pupil up to the brow.  This should be the highest part of your brows (the arch).  Tweeze any hair under that area to make it thinner and arched.
Finally tilt the pencil more to just inside the corner of your eye, this is where your brows should stop.

4.  Trimming your brow hair is a step most often ignored.  This is so important!  Sometimes you can get a crazy unruly brow hair that wants to do it's own thing and can completely ruin your look.  Comb your brow hairs straight up with a brow brush or clean mascara spoolie and trim the hairs with a pair of brow scissors.  You will be amazed at your transformation!

Good luck and please don't over tweeze, brow hair seem to grow in painfully slow.  If you feel overwhelmed tackling your brows for the first time, go to a professional.  Get them shaped and then all you have to do is maintain them with the odd tweeze and trim here and there.

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